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EP #133: Mark J Pamer, D.O. LLC with Dr. Mark Pamer

EP #133: Mark J Pamer, D.O. LLC with Dr. Mark Pamer

August 15, 20231 min read

What makes Mark J Pamer, D.O. a Good Neighbor ...

This is a different lung doctor’s office than you may be used to. We do more than just manage your symptoms. Here you’ll be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. We offer a beautiful practice setting with friendly and helpful staff, complimentary refreshments, and fun music. We believe the patient comes first and that everyone deserves the highest quality of care and customer service possible. Here you will spend as much time with the doctor as you need to and your questions will be answered. We will help you with your insurance choices and forms and find ways to lower your medication and health care costs. We believe in the importance of increasing your personal empowerment through health education.

Dr. Pamer strives to earn your trust as the best pulmonologist (lung specialist) that he can be. We are a multispecialty practice that diagnoses and treats shortness of breath, cough, allergies (diagnosis, testing, and immunotherapy), aspiration, asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic respiratory failure, COPD (chronic bronchitis and emphysema), gastroesophageal reflux, home ventilator management, hypercapnia (high carbon dioxide levels), hypoxia (low oxygen levels), interstitial lung disease, laryngopharyngeal reflux, lung cancer, lung nodules, primary immunodeficiency (hypogammaglobulinemia, common variable immunodeficiency, specific antibody deficiency, selective IgG subclass deficiency), periodic limb movement disorder, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, respiratory problems due to neuromuscular diseases, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, usual interstitial pneumonitis, vocal cord dysfunction, and more!

To learn more about Mark J Pamer, D.O. go to:

Mark J. Pamer, D.O.

573 NW Lake Whitney Place, Suite 105

Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34986


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