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EP# 221: From Helicopter Pilot to Bankruptcy Law: Attorney Michael Gort's Journey Through Adversity and Innovation

May 09, 20243 min read

What makes Attorney Michael Gort with Gort Law, P.A. a good neighbor?

The latest episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast features an intriguing and inspiring guest, Michael Gort, whose career has taken a remarkable trajectory from being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam to becoming an innovator in the realm of bankruptcy law. This episode offers listeners a unique perspective on how adversity can breed innovation and how one can successfully navigate through life's financial storms.

Michael Gort's life story is nothing short of cinematic, filled with episodes of valor and survival. After his military service, where he experienced both the thrill of flying and the horrors of combat, Michael transitioned to civilian life, taking his discipline and strategic thinking into the world of investment banking. His experiences in the corporate sector eventually led him to a crossroads, prompting him to revisit his roots in law—a skill set he hadn't utilized for over three decades.

In an industry often perceived as rigid and conventional, Michael has carved out a niche as a virtual attorney. He discusses the evolution of his practice and how, especially post-COVID, legal services have adapted to incorporate digital technologies. His approach allows for more efficient client interactions, predominantly through Zoom and other online platforms, reflecting a significant shift in how legal counsel is delivered and received.

Michael's story is also a testament to adaptability and tenacity. His career shift into bankruptcy law was not just a leap of faith but a strategic move driven by his keen understanding of financial crises and the legal mechanisms available to navigate them. He candidly shares his insights on the stigmas associated with bankruptcy, aiming to demystify the process and educate listeners on the available pathways for debt relief.

The podcast delves into the misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy, emphasizing that it is not a moral failing but a financial tool embedded in our legal system to offer a fresh start. Michael provides a historical context to the development of bankruptcy laws, underlining their importance in abolishing the draconian concept of debtors' prisons and promoting economic rehabilitation.

As a seasoned professional, Michael Gort offers not just his legal expertise but also his life lessons. He talks about his personal hobbies, his passion for reading, and how these facets of his life contribute to a well-rounded and grounded perspective. He reassures listeners that facing financial difficulties is not the end of the road, but rather an opportunity for a reset, a sentiment that resonates deeply in today's economic climate.

In summary, Michael Gort's journey is a compelling narrative of resilience, innovation, and service, both in and out of uniform. The podcast episode serves as both a personal account of a man's journey through life's adversities and a professional guide for those facing financial hardship. It underscores the human aspect of legal practice and the potential for rebirth and success even after experiencing significant setbacks.

The episode is not only a must-listen for those interested in the legal profession or in need of bankruptcy advice but also for anyone looking for inspiration to pivot their career or overcome personal challenges. Michael Gort's story is a powerful reminder that with the right mindset and tools, new beginnings are always possible.

To learn more about Gort Law, P.A. go to:

Gort Law, P.A.


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