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EP# 240: Reshaping Education | Julie Sindelar's Journey from Classroom to Championing Special Needs Homeschooling

May 29, 20243 min read

What makes Julie Sindelar with JSPED Education Consulting a good neighbor?

When it comes to special needs education, the journey from traditional classroom settings to homeschooling is a narrative that often goes untold. However, Julie Sindelar's story is an exception, and it is one that resonates deeply with families and educators alike. Her transformation from a conventional teacher to a champion for special needs homeschooling is not just inspiring but is also reshaping the educational landscape for children who require a different approach to learning.

Julie's story began in the heart of the classroom, where she fostered her passion for teaching. Her innate draw towards working with children, coupled with her love for fun and spontaneity, positioned her as an educator who truly understands the nuances of childhood development. As she encountered students with diverse needs, her focus sharpened on the world of autism and special education, revealing the intricate layers and challenges that come with it. Her leap into the world of educational consulting through her venture, JSPED, marked a significant turn in her career.

As a special needs teacher, Julie noticed a gap in support for homeschooling families who were often left to navigate the complex educational waters alone. By establishing JSPED, she created a sanctuary for these families, offering them a comprehensive support system. Her services range from tutoring to consulting, empowering parents to make informed decisions and advocating for their children's unique needs.

The Good Neighbor Podcast's conversation with Julie Sindelar sheds light on the importance of tailored education. Julie believes that learning should be comfortable and personalized, respecting each child as an individual. This philosophy stands at the core of her consulting practice, which seeks to demystify education for parents and caregivers of special needs children. Julie’s approach is breaking down barriers and creating educational bridges for families who have taken the bold step to homeschool their children.

But Julie’s impact doesn’t stop at education; her narrative is also one of personal growth. Her experiences, like her adventurous move to Australia to teach at a special needs school, have shaped her into a well-rounded individual. This international exposure not only honed her teaching skills but also instilled a newfound appreciation for her roots and the community she serves.

Her mission with JSPED goes beyond academic support; it's about building a community where no family feels isolated in their journey. Julie’s message is clear: You are not alone. This sense of solidarity is perhaps the most significant takeaway for anyone tuning into the podcast or seeking her services.

As the podcast unfolds, listeners are not just treated to an interview; they receive a masterclass in educational consulting and homeschooling for special needs. Julie's expertise, paired with her warm and engaging storytelling, makes for an episode that is as educational as it is motivational.

In a world where education is rapidly evolving, Julie Sindelar's story serves as a beacon of hope and innovation. Her dedication to creating bespoke learning experiences for special needs children is not just commendable; it is necessary. The Good Neighbor Podcast provides a platform for her voice, and through it, she reaches out to every family embarking on the homeschooling journey, offering guidance, support, and a reminder that they have an ally in JSPED.

To learn more about JSPED Education Consulting go to:

JSPED Education Consulting


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