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EP# 242: Building Blocks of Imagination The Making of Teeny Town Play Cafe with Kia Armstrong

May 29, 20242 min read

What makes Kia Armstrong with Teeny Town Play Cafe a good neighbor?

Kia Armstrong's journey from motherhood to becoming a playful business visionary is nothing short of inspiring. This episode of our podcast delves into her story of creating Teeny Town Play Cafe, an indoor playground that has become a beacon of joy and safety for children and parents in Port St Lucie.

Teeny Town Play Cafe emerged from Kia's personal trials and tribulations as a mother, particularly in addressing the health challenges of her youngest son. With an unwavering commitment to cleanliness and safety, she has established a sanctuary where children with delicate health can play without fear. The play cafe is equipped with a variety of imaginative playhouses, from a miniature grocery store to a fire station, ensuring a stimulating and secure environment for young explorers.

Throughout the episode, listeners gain insight into Kia's multifaceted life, which includes a passion for video gaming, cherished family moments, and a love for the serene beauty of the Bahamas. Her narrative intertwines her dedication to community and family with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Kia's tale serves as an encouraging guidepost for parents looking to create enriching experiences for their children.

The conversation with Kia is not just about the inception of Teeny Town Play Cafe but also a reflection on the essence of local enterprise. Her story underlines the importance of fostering strong community ties and the role of local businesses in enhancing neighborhood life. In this spirit, the podcast encourages listeners to participate in celebrating and supporting local businesses by nominating their favorites for the Good Neighbor Podcast Port St Lucie spotlight.

In the Teeny Town Play Cafe chapter, Kia debunks common misconceptions about her business, particularly the idea that it functions as a daycare. She emphasizes the need for parental supervision while children play, assuring a harmonious space where parents can work or relax with a clear view of their children. The cafe's layout is meticulously designed to balance fun and visibility, making it a parent's haven just as much as a child's.

Moreover, Kia discusses the intentional design choices made for Teeny Town, catering to the needs of working parents with amenities like free wi-fi and a workspace. The cafe's exceptional cleanliness is a recurring theme, with Kia taking pride in the high standard maintained at the facility, even earning feedback for cleaning too frequently—a compliment in disguise that reaffirms her commitment to a pristine play environment.

The blog post captures the essence of the episode, highlighting Kia Armstrong's entrepreneurial spirit and the joyous connections crafted at Teeny Town Play Cafe. It is a testament to her determination and love for her community, offering a heartening example of how personal challenges can lead to innovative solutions that benefit many.

To learn more about Teeny Town Play Cafe go to:

Teeny Town Play Cafe

529 NW Prima Vista Blvd #209

Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

(772) 274-5245

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