Coastal Air Assessments

Coastal Air Assessments

September 23, 20233 min read

Clear The Air, Trust Coastal Air Assessments

By Trina Hedges | Cory King, Owner of Coastal Air Assessments 


Meet the Owner, Cory King

We are all concerned about our physical health, but what about the health of the home you’re living in? Knowing that answer and how it can directly affect your personal health may be some of the best information you’ll ever receive.  With contaminants in the home, both your air quality and physical condition can suffer. The first step to uncovering the contaminants within your home is to have a proper evaluation.

 One of our newest community business sponsors, Coastal Air Assessments, specializes in getting to the root of the problem. Owned and operated by Cory King, Coastal Air Assessments evaluates a building based on client’s concerns related to mold, asbestos, lead, and other contaminants. They offer indoor quality air testing to detect mold or particulates in the air, limited mold assessments to analyze a specific problem area, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing for gases emitted by chemicals, phase one environmental testing, and post-remediation testing.

Building Client Confidence

As a Licensed Mold Assessor, Cory uses a variety of tools and equipment to determine what types of contaminants are plaquing the building and discusses with the client the best way to treat it. He then refers his clients to 3rd party companies who specialize in remediation of those contaminants. Keeping the evaluation and remediation separate builds client confidence in knowing that Cory isn’t there to try and sell anything, his goal is to help you identify the problem so that you can begin to experience better indoor air quality, and better health. 

Cory is currently working on becoming an Industrial Hygienist. His ultimate goal is to be a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). At Coastal Air Assessments, Cory works with a CIH who's currently pursuing a Masters in Toxicology. Cory has always had a knack for uncovering the source of water intrusion in the home. That’s actually what influenced him to get into this industry. Initially working as a contractor, Cory recalled “a moment of clarity” which had him pursuing this profession. He shared, “I was working at a client’s home and after diagnosing where the water was coming from the client said, ‘You’re in the wrong business; you told me the exact same thing as all these guys with their fancy tools did’ “. It was then that Cory decided to go back to school in pursuit of his degree – providing both the knowledge and credibility needed to open Coastal Air Assessments. Now, Cory is not only a Licensed Mold Assessor, but he is also an Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) member, and an ECAN member.

Coastal Air Assessments serves the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches. Cory has also been known to travel throughout Florida to perform evaluations for clients, recently providing his services in Naples, and in Miami to diagnose an asbestos issue. To the community, Cory says, “People get nervous when we come in, and then I explain what we do and how we base our standards using science to find the solutions.” Backed by science, you can be sure the solutions aren’t arbitrary, instead, they are evidence-based solutions derived to assist clients in targeting the problem. 

For more information about Coastal Air Assessments, please visit their website at 

Coastal Air Assessments

Coastal Air Assessments

Phone: 561-400-0929


Florida Licensed Mold Assessor #MRSA2944

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