Dr. Mark J. Pamer

Dr. Mark J. Pamer

September 29, 20234 min read

A Doctor Who Uses His Heart To Treat Your Lungs

By Trina Hedges | Dr. Pamer, owner of Mark J. Pamer, DO, LLC. 


Meet the Owner, Dr. Mark J. Pamer

The experience you get when you mix old school physician etiquette with modern technological advancements is what you’ll find with Dr. Mark Pamer, a Pulmonologist practicing in Port St. Lucie.

Not one to rush patients in and out of the office, Dr. Pamer’s approach is one of compassion – taking the time to form a relationship with his patients. His attentiveness during a patient’s oration of their medical history ensures that he is providing the best care possible. “One of the greatest gifts,” says Dr. Pamer, “is when a patient tells me I’ve taken their shortness of breath or cough away.”

Patients visit Dr. Pamer with such ailments including shortness of breath, cough, COPD,  asthma, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, lung cancer and other respiratory-related concerns including sleep disorders and voice issues.  And in terms of treatment? Dr. Pamer’s practice is a “one-stop-shop”, meaning patients aren’t referred elsewhere for treatment.

State of the Art Facility

Dr. Pamer’s office is state of the art, and the only office in Florida offering pulmonary rehab and Medicare-certified “intensive” cardiac rehab. With a team comprised of a physician assistant, four respiratory therapists, a speech pathologist, and a registered nurse, Dr. Pamer’s office has treatment covered. He and his team provide such services as lung function testing, allergy testing and immunotherapy, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, thoracentesis, ultrasounds, microscopy, speech therapy, and more. There is even an infusion suite and mini gym located in the office.

Practicing since 2009, Dr. Pamer’s journey into the field of pulmonology was a result of “everything lining up where it needed to be”. He always knew he wanted to help people, and with the intention of becoming a therapist he pursued a degree in social work. A degree requirement was a class on Human Anatomy and Physiology, a dreaded course for Dr. Pamer. He shared, “I felt like it was going to destroy my GPA.” Little did he know just how suited it was for him. His professor, acting as a mentor, encouraged him to become a doctor – something Dr. Pamer thought was unachievable due to coming from a middle-class background. His professor thought otherwise, and soon had Dr. Pamer tutoring the class. He would soon earn his degree before enrolling in medical school where, on his first rotation, he became a protégé for a Pulmonologist, leading him to pursue practice in that field.

Response to Crisis 

Dr. Pamer loves being a Pulmonologist, which is evident in his approach to going above and beyond routine care. For example, he discussed his recollection of reading The Great Influenza, a book about the Spanish Flu – one of the worst pandemics in history. Knowing history has a way of repeating itself, Dr. Pamer asked himself, “How are you going to respond?” In 2020, he found out. He says, “COVID hit and we wanted to get involved; it just felt natural to go and help.” Traveling to New York’s Elmhurst Hospital Center, Dr. Pamer was at the epicenter of the virus. Along with two other Pulmonologists, Dr. Pamer stayed and assisted in caring for patients for six weeks.

Upon his return to Port St. Lucie, he collaborated with former Mayor Greg Oravec and the city manager to provide 15,000 residents with the vaccines they needed. It was a busy time for Dr. Pamer, but “the right thing to do.” Explaining how hectic everything got, he says, “We couldn’t even make outgoing calls at the office because the phone lines were tied up with residents trying to get a vaccine.” Looking back, he would do it all over again. Dr. Pamer also traveled to the Mexican border in Texas to assist in relief efforts there.

Dr. Pamer will never stop helping others. He says, “I think some of the greatest things a person can be in terms of their profession is a priest or a physician”. As a man of faith himself, Dr. Pamer continued, “My ministry is healthcare. It’s my focus, not just an occupation.”


Dr. Mark J. Pamer

Mark J. Pamer, D.O., LLC

573 NW Lake Whitney Pl #105, Port St. Lucie

Phone: 772-785-5864 | Web: MarkPamerDO.com

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