The Outdoors Quality, LLC

The Outdoors Quality, LLC

August 30, 20233 min read

Creating Paradise, One Home At A Time

By Trina Hedges | Jerardo Ayala, General Contractor & Owner of The Outdoors Quality, LLC


Building Your Outdoor Living Dream

The dream began early for Jerardo Ayala, owner of The Outdoors Quality, LLC. “Since fifth grade I wanted to be an architect,” says Jerardo. For this particular business owner, the dream never died.

The Outdoors Quality, LLC, located in Fort Pierce, specializes in custom home builds, home remodels, and the creation of outdoor living spaces to give clients “a paradise of their own.”

With the success of his business, you can see that Jerardo’s initial dreams evolved into reality. It helped that his father was also in the industry, as Jerardo recalls having been taught by him and introduced to his network of other builders, architects, and engineers. “As a teen, my father would take me to his projects, made me be more hands on, and made sure with everything I did to always remember safety came first - no matter what.” Over time and with gradual experience, Jerardo began supervising and managing projects on his own.

Jerardo feels grateful for his father’s wisdom and guidance in the industry. He shared, “Overall, my father was the one who brought me into this line of work and taught me so many things.”  Together, Jerardo and his father share a combined 25 years of experience in the industry.

Treasure Coast General Contractor

Now, as the owner of The Outdoor Quality, LLC, Jerardo uses his experience to “build a great project plan, manage risk, and demonstrate effective communication skills.” Those qualities are also the philosophy behind his business.

In his business, Jerardo enjoys that each project is unique. He says, “It’s not the same thing you do over and over again, and you get to create/build something new and different.” Working with an individual client’s specifications, he is able to help bring their unique ideas to life. It’s part of what inspires him on the job. It’s quite the motivator to see an idea, as Jerardo explained, “Go from something in the client’s mind, to a sheet of paper, to hard working people building their dreams to life, and ultimately seeing the final product at the end.”

Jerardo says that he wants the community to know, “At The Outdoors Quality LLC, we are here to help with that upcoming project you have in mind. We can guide you into the right direction because we know that it can be hard making the right decision and in which route would be best for you to go.”

As a Treasure Coast resident, Jerardo enjoys spending his free time with his wife and one-year-old daughter. The young family loves exploring different adventure parks, being outdoors, trying new restaurants, and visiting with their family. When he has time for personal hobbies, Jerardo loves to hunt, fish, and work on an ongoing “old truck project”.

To start building your outdoors living dream, go to or call 772-577-9172. The Outdoors Quality, LLC is located at 1610 Coronado Ave, Ft. Pierce.

General Contractor License #CGC1530519 | Roofing License #CCC1334648

The OutDoors Quality

Jerardo Ayala, General Contractor | The Outdoors Quality, LLC | Fort Pierce, FL

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