Treasure Coast Roofing

Treasure Coast Roofing

August 30, 20233 min read

The Best Quality Roofing You Will Need

By Trina Hedges | Brian Maloney, Owner of Treasure Coast Roofing


Serving Treasure Coast Homeowners for Over 20 Years

When a business has serviced the Treasure Coast community for over 20 years, you can be certain of one thing – their word is their bond. The permanency of a business is dependent on keeping clients satisfied, and that’s something that Brian Maloney – owner of Treasure Coast Roofing – knows like the back of his hand.

As a family-owned and operated business, Treasure Coast Roofing has been providing competitive work and quality pricing since 2001. They work on residential properties, commercial properties, and new construction. The crew can tackle flat roofs, re-roofs, and use either shingle, metal, or tile. “The most popular type of roofing,” says Brian, “is shingle.” He also shared that he’s beginning to see a trend emerge with metal roofing. “Metal is working its way up due to the insurance companies.”

Treasure Coast Roofing currently has 12 crews working to meet the demands of their clientele. About his crew, Brian says, “Most of my guys have been with me for a long time.” Because of this, they all become like family. Brian credits his crews’ longevity with him to communication – keeping the lines open and minimizing issues with supervision. “You’re only as good as your team,” he says. Also included on Brian’s team is his actual family. His wife works with him and so does one of his daughters and one of his sons.

Brian Maloney Lifetime Experience As A Roofer 

Brian’s journey into the roofing industry began as a young man. Brian’s brother was a roofer and seeing that a young Brian needed direction in life, he “put him on a roof”. That’s where he’s been ever since. He draws his biggest inspiration from his brother, saying, “He made a man out of me and taught me everything I know!”

Although Brian’s business has been a success, Treasure Coast Roofing has not been immune to hardships. Brian described how a recent fire burned their whole office down. Much was destroyed.  “We had to move into a new building,” he says. Still, they never skipped work or used it as an excuse not to get the job done.

Treasure Coast Roofing Supports The Community

Brian’s crew also never misses a chance to pay it forward, particularly when it comes to assisting local military veterans.  When I interviewed Brian, he was excited to be sponsoring a St. Lucie Mets game that focused on veterans, active duty and deployed military, families of military members, and Gold Star families. Treasure Coast Roofing has sponsored other games as well in the years past.. Brian truly has a heart for disabled veterans. “I just feel like those guys get shoved to the side,” he says. His empathy for them goes even further as he explained how when working on a disabled veteran’s home, “If there is a need, the work will often be done pro bono.”

Brian describes himself a “strong, faith-based man”. He’s been married for 27 years and has an outstanding family. His workdays often find him at the office; scheduling, ordering, or working with his son on permits.  You can also find him stopping in at one of his work sites, whether it be for spot checks or inspections.

To find out more about how Treasure Coast Roofing can give you “The Best Quality Roofing You Will Need”, go or call at 772-370-9770. Their office is located at 4252 Bandy Blvd, Ft. Pierce, FL 34981.

Treasure Coast Roofing Article in August 2023 PGA Village Living

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